SYBORGS Lab - University of Florida


Research Limericks

The late Professor Pierre T. Kabamba advocated for pithy limericks that captured momentous research. The following admonishment was posted on his office door for graduate students of control and dynamical systems to appreciate:

The world is nonlinear, 'tis true.
But fear not, for here is a clue.
When signals are small,
And stable ov'rall,
xdot = A x will do!

Inspired by the above, the following limericks capture our major advances.

If, God forbid, you suffer injury
With so much blood, you think, "Mortality?"
Don't fret! Our novel method
Provides treatment that's tailored:
Targeted, controlled, factor therapy.

Space is explored with means abiotic,
Means little changed since we learned of Sputnik.
Now microbes and syn bio
Deployed on Mars in situ
Promise to cut launch mass costs quite drastic.

When searching for one that is fit maximal,
Ev'lution is surely not cost optimal?
Rationality does show
'Tis true for Monte Carlo
And, what's more, you'll get resilience as well!