SYBORGS Lab - University of Florida


April 2023: Amanda Shick is named a recipient of the 2023 MAE Bill "Roto" Reuter & Peter Nicholas Outstanding Student Leadership Award!  Anya Volter is named a 2023 NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Fellow! Hearty congratulations, Amanda and Anya!

March 14, 2023: We are evaluating space biomanufacturing performance on the International Space Station thanks to the DARPA B-SURE program! Our efforts were successfully launched today on the SpaceX commercial resupply mission SpX-27. 

March 2023: Angela will receive the 2023 HWCOE Dean's Research Award and continue with the lab for her PhD. Jarvis is selected to be 2023-2024 University Scholar. Many congratulations to you both!

February 2023: Amanda passes her dissertation proposal and is officially a PhD candidate. Congratulations Amanda!

December 2022: Damon's paper on the nonlinear control of a class of positive systems is accepted by the prestigious Automatica. Congratulations Damon!

August 2022: Anya and Jithran will be presenting results from their forthcoming papers at the annual meeting of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research. Congratulations to both!

May 2022: We are ecstatic to have Caroline Cook from UConn visit with the lab as an REU student for eight weeks. Welcome Caroline!

April 2022: Our very own Hannah Roberts is named a 2022 NSF Graduate Research Fellow! Many congratulations, Hannah!  What's that, you're going to stay with us and be our first Genetics and Genomics graduate student? Yippee! So glad that you are continuing on!

December 2021: Damon's paper on robust MPC of nonlinear coagulation has been accepted by the International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control. Keep it up, Damon! Angela successfully defends her undergraduate honors thesis. Congratulations Angela! Delighted that you are continuing on as our sixth MAE graduate student (Masters)!

November 2021: Damon successfully defends his PhD dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Ghetmiri! Amor provides expert commentary for a Popular Science feature about a Nature Communications article analyzing fuel biomanufacturing for Mars travel.  

September 2021: Damon's paper demonstrating the merits of coagulation factor control is accepted by npj Systems Biology and Applications. Great news, Damon! 

August 2021: Nathan Smith, a 2021 Renwick Engineering Scholar, joins our group for a year as our fifth MAE graduate student (Masters). Welcome Nathan!

July 2021: Soumyajit is now Professor Sen Gupta at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. Welcome to the other side of the desk, Soumyajit! A warm welcome as well to Lambert High School students Srikusumanjali Pinnamareddy and Jonathan Dudkin, who are visiting with the SYBORGS Lab for a month.

June 2021: Damon's refereed conference paper is accepted to the 2021 Modeling, Estimation, and Control Conference (MECC 2021). Congratulations Damon!

May 2021: Anya passes her BME Departmental Comprehensive Examination, a major milestone. Congratulations Anya!  

March 2021: Oren and Jacob are selected to be 2021-2022 University Scholars. Many congratulations!

December 2020: Damon passes his dissertation proposal and is officially a PhD candidate. Congratulations Damon!

September 2020: Jithran is awarded the prestigious Grinter Fellowship from ABE. Congratulations Jithran!

August 2020: Robert Martinez re-signs on to the lab as our fourth MAE graduate student. Looking forward to this next phase, Robert!

July 2020: Our lab presents and publishes two ICES and two IFAC World Congress refereed conference papers.

May 2020: Saige is the 2020 Sung and Yvonne Lu Outstanding Senior for UF Aerospace Engineering! Hearty congratulations, Saige! 

April 2020: Anya Volter signs on to the lab as our second BME graduate student. Welcome Anya! Saige successfully defends her undergraduate honors thesis. Congratulations Saige! 

March 2020: Amanda Shick signs on to the lab as our third MAE graduate student. Welcome Amanda! And as the month closes, Amanda is named a 2020 NSF Graduate Research Fellow! Many congratulations, Amanda, and here's to more great things to come for you!  

January 2020: Jithran Ekanayake signs on to the lab as our first ABE graduate student. Welcome again, Jithran! Amor is named an Associate Editor to the IEEE Conference Editorial Board for a three-year term overseeing contributions to the IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications. 

December 2019: Saige, Alex B., and Soumyajit have two papers accepted to the 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems in space (ICES 2020). Congratulations! Amor is named a 2019 Anderson Scholar Faculty Honoree, in recognition of being a particularly inspiring or influential UF faculty member to one or more students with a 3.90+ GPA and a full, uninterrupted course load in their first two years at UF.

October 2019: Amor is an invited speaker at SynBioBeta 2019 and BetaSpace.

September 2019: Damon did a fantastic job presenting his recent work at the 2019 International Conference on Complex Acute Illness (ICCAI)!

June 2019: We are delighted to host Jithran Ekanayake, a Carleton College Kolenkow-Reitz Fellow who is visiting with us for the summer. Welcome Jithran!

May 2019: Alexander Kamentz joins the lab as our second MAE graduate student (Masters). Welcome Alex!

April 2019: Amor is an invited speaker at the 2019 ACS Spring National Meeting.

February 2019: Catherine and Miguel are selected to be 2019-2020 University Scholars. Many congratulations!

January 2019: Chase Kelley starts a rotation as part of the Genetics Institute Graduate Program. Sruthi Selvakumar joins the SYBORGS lab as a visiting BME graduate student (Masters). Welcome Chase and Sruthi!

November 2018: Amor is an invited speaker at the 2018 AIChE STAR Tech conference.

September 2018: Damon passes his PhD written qualifying exam. Congratulations Damon! It's full steam ahead now on the research proposal!

April 2018: Robert Martinez joins the lab as our Lab Manager. Welcome Robert!

March 2018: Tejassvittaa Sahu joins the lab as our first BME graduate student (Masters), working on genetic control modules. Welcome Tejassvittaa!

February 2018: Amor speaks at the NASA Deep Space Gateway Concept Science Workshop. Soumyajit Sen Gupta joins the lab as our first postdoc, working with the NASA CUBES team. Welcome Soumyajit!

January 2018: Amor becomes an affiliate faculty member of the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

November 2017: Amor becomes an affiliate faculty member of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and a member of the Institute for Cell & Tissue Science and Engineering (ICTSE).

October 2017: Amor speaks about his vision for the Systems Design and Integration Division of CUBES at the NASA CUBES kick-off meeting at UC Berkeley. Damon Ghetmiri joins the lab as our first graduate student, working on trauma coagulation. Welcome Damon!

September 2017: Amor gives a talk at the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) 2017 Symposium.

August 16, 2017: The SYBORGS Lab boots up. Hello World!