SYBORGS Lab - University of Florida

SYBORGS Lab Open Positions

We always welcome talented postdocs, grad students, and undergrads! We have openings for 1 postdoc and 4 grad students.

Postdoc Openings: 1

Postdocs with their own funding are always welcome. Otherwise, we are looking for one postdoc in the field of bacterial (space) synthetic biology, focusing on the design, build, and test of bacterial genetic circuits. Candidates with experience engineering varied synthetic biology hosts like lactic acid bacteria or cyanobacteria are encouraged to apply.

Please email a CV to Prof. Menezes (amormenezes [-at-] In your email, please briefly explain your interest, how your unique skills can advance the lab's related efforts, and any synergies with a new lab research direction that you could potentially champion as your postdoc progresses.

Grad Student Openings: 4

Grad students with their own funding (NSF GRFP, NDSEG, etc.) are always welcome and their research topic will be flexible. Otherwise, we are looking for:

  • Regulating inflammation-mediated coagulopathy: three grad students. One position is primarily wet lab, investigating protein activity in plasma and whole blood samples, with some application of modeling and control theory. A second position is a mix of hardware experimentation (device implementation of control theory) and computation (control algorithm development, e.g., model predictive control). A third position is primarily computation (control algorithm development, e.g., data-driven control and machine learning).
  • Space synthetic biology: one grad student. This position is primarily wet lab, focusing on the design, build, and test of bacterial genetic circuits.  

Please email Prof. Menezes (amormenezes [-at-] if you are interested, ideally well before you submit a grad student application. Please attach a CV / resume, an unofficial transcript, and all available GRE and TOEFL scores to your email. In your email, please briefly explain your interest in one of the four positions above, and how your unique skills can advance the lab's related efforts.

Because the SYBORGS lab is multidisciplinary, grad students can join the lab via engineering and biology programs from all over the university.  Thus, in your initial email, please let Prof. Menezes know if you plan to apply to a different department than MAE. 

Our students enjoy intellectual challenges, work hard to solve tough problems, drive towards independent thought and inquiry, and delight in team successes. They display leadership abilities and strong communication skills, participate in extracurricular activities, and always apply for awards, scholarships, and fellowships. As an undergraduate, our students typically participated in research during academic terms or over summers, and are past REU attendees, Amgen Scholars, iGEM competitors, etc.