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  1. Jithran Ekanayake becomes the first Sri Lankan to send experiment to the International Space Station. News 1st: Prime Time English News, March 30, 2023. YouTube; Twitter; Instagram

Radio / Podcast

  1. “Voices from DARPA” Podcast Episode 68: Space Manufacturing. DARPA, May 18, 2023.  Blubrry; YouTube; Apple Podcasts
  2. Space synthetic biology; space biomanufacturing; astronaut food; and space pharmaceuticals. Science Today (CBS Radio), November 12, 2014.

Print (Newspapers, Magazines, and Web)

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  2. Jithran Ekanayake. U.S. Embassy Colombo, Sri Lanka, May 2, 2023. Facebook; Instagram
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  5. Jithran Ekanayake becomes first Sri Lankan to send experiment to International Space Station. News 1st, March 30, 2023.
  6. UF will spearhead DARPA mission to pioneer crucial biomanufacturing in space. UF Powering the New Engineer, March 16, 2023.
  7. Team led by UF MAE Professor Amor Menezes set to begin momentous space biomanufacturing mission. UF MAE Highlights, March 14, 2023.
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