SYBORGS Lab - University of Florida

SYBORGS Lab Research

We regulate inflammation-mediated coagulopathy; control positive dynamical biomolecular systems; engineer space biosystems; and advance space synthetic biology.

Regulating Inflammation-Mediated Coagulopathy

We investigate the use of feedback control to manipulate the concentrations of proteins that are involved in inflammation-mediated coagulation disorders. Two such disorders are: (1) trauma-induced coagulopathy, which occurs after severe trauma and shock, is characterized by uncontrolled bleeding, and has poor treatment outcomes (e.g., 30% mortality for trauma patients that require massive transfusions); and (2) infection (e.g., COVID-19)-induced coagulopathy in the lung, which results in blood clots and contributes to lung fibrosis.

Controlling Positive Dynamical Biomolecular Systems

We advance the deterministic and stochastic theory of biomolecular systems to program their robustness. These systems belong to the class of dynamical systems whose states are restricted to non-negative values.

Space Biosystems Engineering

We design biomanufacturing processes and systems for Mars deployment. This is a useful payload minimization approach for long-duration space missions, a fact that we quantitatively established. We optimally integrate various systems such that the performance of a resultant factory meets specifications. 

Space Synthetic Biology

We engineer microbes to reject an extreme and harsh environment. We build and test genetic regulatory modules to improve the space biomanufacturing performance of different bacteria over their baselines.